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Celebration Cakes

Why just have cake when you can have a cake that not only tastes amazing but is also a centerpiece for your event. I will work with you to create a cake that matches the style and feel of your celebration or of the person you are wanting to celebrate.

My standard sized cakes consist of 4 layers of cake filled with silky smooth swiss meringue buttercream and homemade fillings such as homemade jams, salted caramel, curds and ganache. I have a signature style of my cakes but am happy to incorporate a theme within this. I do not do carved cakes or fondant covered cakes.

Every custom cake I make is different and therefore depending on the complexity of the design the price will vary but I have included a  guide below.


Price Guide

5 inch (serves up to 20) from £70

6 inch (serves up to  35) from £85

Large short (2 layers, serves 30 ) from £80

Number/Letter cakes - from £65

Two tiered cakes - POA

**serving amounts are approximate and will vary depending on how the cake is cut. Serving suggestions are based on 1x2x3 inch coffee sized servings.

Cake toppers/charm are in addition and I can either arrange these for you with my suppliers or you are welcome to order them yourself and arrange for them to be delivered to me for decoration.


​Fresh and dried flowers - additional starting from £20

​A 50% deposit is required to secure your cake, the date will not be confirmed until this is received. (please see terms and conditions)

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